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Map of the River Twiss in Ingleton, Lancashire England

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                                                                                          Peter Twiss - Pilot
Peter Twiss
Lionel Peter Twiss (born 23 July 1921) OBE DSC and bar is a British pilot, who held the World Air Speed Record.
On 10 March 1956, he flew the FD2 to a world speed record of 1820kph (1,132mph). In 1959 Fairey Aviation was
sold to Westland Aircraft which is a helicopter manufacturer, which was not Twiss's area. Twiss joined Fairey Marine
in 1960 and was responsible for development and sales of day-cruisers. He appeared in "From Russia with Love"
driving one of the the company's speedboats. He also appeared in the film "Sink the Bismark" in which he flew a
Fairey Swordfish. Today Twiss is a member of Lasham Gliding Society.

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Twiss Bakery - Wigan

Twiss Bakery, Wigan

Famous for its WIgan pies, the Bakery sadly burnt down and was demolished in 2008

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Mount Twiss, The Blue Mountains  - Australia

Mount Twiss is a mountain within the Blue Mountains National Park in east New South Wales.
Mount Twiss is at an altitude of about 595m above sea level.

Mount Twiss is close to the city of Hazelbrook (6.73km away), the city of Lawson (7.93km away) and the city of Wentworth Falls (11.5km away).

The nearest road to Mount Twiss is an unsealed road that is un-named in our database and comes within 123m of the summit.

The nearest sealed road to Mount Twiss is the Great Western Highway (4.99km away).

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Rev. Twiss, Mawdesley Church, Lancashire England

Horatio Twiss


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