On These Pages you will be able to find Links & Details about people who have done research about The History Of The Twiss and Associated Families

If you too, would like to be linked to this page, or have a link to suggest, then please email us.

We currently have connections in the following countries, some have internet links, others do not.
Some can be contacted directly, others through ourselves.


To date, we have had 'contacts' in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Ireland, Germany!

Here are a couple of people who have been researching the Family History for quite some time now.

Diane Twiss - United Kingdom - Researching my husbands tree, and enjoying every minute! Oh, and hostess to this site.
I live in Upholland, Lancashire,  England.  email:

Gerald Twiss - New Zealand - Gerald started by helping his father Patrick Twiss (known as Pat Twiss)
with the Twiss genealogy. 

Since Pat's death Gerald has taken over his research. Gerald is always interested in seeking Twiss people and
Twiss family lines.  
If you have any details of relatives as far back as you know; dates of birth, death and marriage;
the places these events occured,
(or any other details) please get in touch. We may be able to link you up. 
If you have further details please contact him by e-mail :

Maureen Twiss - South Africa - Maureen is researching all the Twiss people in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
She is willing to help with any South African links.
email :

Mark Robbins  - Australia -  Mark has been concentrating on the Robbins connections to the Twiss family. 
His family website is


We have had a lot of research done in  Canada and Ireland, but sadly lost contact with our researcher.
But don't let that put you off, because the research that was done, can be accessed via Gerald Twiss

As for with Canada, if you need information or can supply information, please contact Gerald Twiss 
of New Zealand.

Twiss of Hunstanton Pages   Les Finch started his research when he inherited an old photo album.  This is a link to the archive.


Robert Young -U.S.A. -  Roberts' ancestry goes back to 1800 and before. He has researched the Twiss family for connections found in early New England, Salem and Connecticut. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with Robert..   



People move on, emails change, contacts are lost.

In the past, we have had people from all over contacting us, asking for help,
kindly giving details they have, making contacts and new links which is what this site is all about!
If you would like your name and contact details listing (again), just drop me an email and I'll add you on here!

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